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Four Qualities of a Christ-Centered Business (and what a Christ-Centered Business is not)

Behind the veneer of confidence, bold risk-taking, and decisive leadership, all of us in positions of influence struggle — especially CEOs. What still needs to be done in the faith and work movement to serve leaders in this area? Turns out, they had recently just polled hundreds of CEOs connected to Convene about the tension points they feel on a daily basis. The 1 challenge facing Christians CEOs is:. When revenue is down and you sense being in over your head?

1. Christ against culture

Even spouses can sometimes be hard to confide in for wisdom on actual business decisions. Complexity in a rapidly changing, information-saturated world. Big data and little data pour into our pockets through iPhones.

No information is inaccessible, yet almost all information is incomprehensible without a larger story or framework into which it fits. Filtering the wheat from the chaff is an ever-present challenge in the Information Age. Only a decade ago, CRM software or mass communication tools were so expensive only the biggest corporations could afford them. Now every start-up has free access to high quality email communication tools like MailChimp , event registration like Eventbrite , or shared calendaring or data storage like Gmail.

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Christ and Business Culture: A Study of Christian Executives in Hong Kong | SpringerLink

But new technologies just keep coming. The verses are tiny and varied, so you have to hunt and see what turns up. Steve Green, the president of Hobby Lobby and a Southern Baptist, said that the Christian identity of his company affects how it negotiates with vendors. Green said on Wednesday.

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I asked if that meant that they never budged on their initial offers, which seemed improbable. Focusing on particular practices, like quotes on fry boats or gospel music, can obscure deep philosophical divisions among Christians who think about business ethics.

Philip J. Clements, the founder of the Center for Christian Business Ethics Today, tells a story to illustrate how Judeo-Christian principles make business run smoothly. He once met with a group of businessmen in Africa, most of them Muslim, who complained of the corruption in their countries. When the master returns much later, two of the servants have made a profit and pay him back. They could have simply absconded with it. Clements said he told the Africans, yet within it, Christians could trust one another.

When something is paradoxical, it cannot be expressed in a straight-forward manner because the most honest statement of its truth sounds contradictory.

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  • A subatomic element is both a wave and a particle. Fiction is the lie that tells the truth. To live you must die. Jesus is fully God and fully human. Death is both a curse and a blessing.

    2. Christ of culture

    Christians are to be in the world but not of it. We love people for themselves or some task for itself, yet paradoxically we also love them for Christ and in order to love Christ better. Thus, Christians may serve in both the Republican and Democratic parties, which would seem to be at odds, yet ultimately all can serve Christ. Paradox can be an exciting motif in exploring literary research because it suggests how we may both discover the possibilities of a subject yet also uncover our limits.

    Literary criticism is often comfortable with teasing out the ambiguities in life and faith.


    It can be comfortable with the twists and turns of messy reality. The fifth position recognizes that we are not now what we will be. Christ has come to give us a foretaste of that future, eschatological perfection. He comes to convert us all to the New Way. He comes to transform culture in part by asking his people to be what all creation longs to be.