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Topping the facade was a pediment creating a gable-shaped roof. The arena had five levels. The ground level through which patrons entered and featured a concourse that circled the seating area. Above were the mezzanine, main seating level and balcony.

A fifth level not open to the public was just under the roof trusses. The initial seating capacity was 11, The addition was four stories high and included additional seating and an escalator to improve patron access to the upper levels. It expanded seating to 13, in with standing room for 3, during hockey games. While not one of the most decorative, architect C.

Howard Crane considered Olympia to be one of his most significant buildings. He noted the importance of the refrigeration system buried beneath the concrete. The system was replaced in and the final modification to the building was the addition of private boxes in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Olympia Stadium | Detroit Historical Society

Multi purpose arena in Michigan. Michigan portal. Retrieved February 27, Olympia Entertainment. Retrieved May 28, WXYZ News.

August 30, April 13, Retrieved January 2, Detroit's Olympia Stadium. Chicago: Arcadia Publishing. Detroit Free Press.

August 1, March 9, October 15, Retrieved June 3, It was a long way back for Ritchie, who had been dropped from a label after Vanilla Ice fizzled. He reinvented himself from rapper into songwriter with a killer stage show, and won over the industry and millions of fans. The White Stripes were on the rise in when they played a raucous outdoor show at Chene Park with The Strokes, a band then arguably at their peak. Big Sean, Joe Louis arena, Detroit, It was a rare cameo for Eminem, who hadn't performed on stage in until that moment.

Simon and Garfunkel commemorated their show in Saginaw in the classic, "America," where the duo sings about hitchhiking from Saginaw. The story goes a promoter booked the band just before "Sound of Silence" became a national hit. Despite being paid a fraction of their fee, Simon said the came because he wanted to see what a city named "Saginaw" looked like.

The trip turned out pretty well for them.

Detroit's Olympia Stadium, Michigan (Images of America Series)

Alice Cooper, Joe Louis arena, Detroit, Alice Cooper as you probably think of him arguably dates back to shock rocker's "The Nightmare Returns" tour in The tour marked the return of Cooper to the rock scene after two years away dealing with personal issues. His Detroit shows, including one on Halloween, were used for a well-known concert documentary. Metallica, Belle Isle, Detroit, Swearing aside, the footage of the raucous MC5 playing a field at Wayne State is an incredible music moment. The fans clearly aren't sure what to make of lead singer Rob Tyner and crew, who were arguably ahead of their time with the classic "Kick Out the Jams.

The Rolling Stones, Pontiac Silverdome, The Rolling Stones were in peak form for this massive affair at the Silverdome in The group had a pile of classics to draw from, worked in some Motown and were in the midst of working out arguable their last great album, "Tattoo You.

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Aerosmith rolled out a new song at this show in Grand Rapids, one of the first the legendary rockers played outside of their hometown of Boston. The song? Other legends who stopped by the venue included B. King, Son House and Muddy Waters. The Stooges, Grande Ballroom, Detroit, Ann Arbor's The Stooges, led by Iggy Pop, never found commercial success, but they've gone down in history as one of the early founders of punk rock and arguably all of modern rock.

The band was known for its wild performances, led by Pop, who went on to a significant solo career. Nirvana, St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, Nirvana played Detroit a number of times, but this show before they exploded into the biggest band of their era stands out in time. Another article in the Free Press read, The trouble with going to see Elvis Presley is that you're liable to get killed.

The experience is the closest thing to getting bashed on the head with an atomic bomb. Elvis gave two performances Sunday in the Olympia —each to shrieking audiences of around When he made his grand entrance, pandemonium broke loose and carnage waited in the wings. Most of the afternoon throng were little girls, nice little girls who just adore Elvis.

They wore Elvis buttons, Elvis hats and carried Elvis pictures. Before the show, Elvis sat still long enough for a brief press conference. He didn't seem a bit self-conscious in his red suede jacket, flashy blue shirt and blue pants.

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Elvis is very polite. He was asked whether he worried about his popularity waning. Ever thought of selling any of them? I just built a new four-car garage. Elvis came here in a Cadillac limousine from Ft. Wayne, Ind. His young fans were up early trying, to no avail, to track him down. The young'uns started to congregate at the Olympia as early as 9 p. Some tried the hotels with no luck. The year-old Presley, who had changed into a gold jacket, gold shoes and a gold string tie, dashed onstage to the hysterical shrieks of unleashed bedlam. Hundreds of flashbulbs popped and swoons reached a crescendo.

Before the show, Tom Parker, general manager of the Hillbilly singer, talked about Elvis popularity. There is a fanatical loyalty among Presley fans. A teen-aged girl sporting a "I Hate Elvis" button, was forced to remove it by a group of fans before they would allow her to reach her seat. Then Elvis will hike out to Hollywood, where eight movies await him. Apparently, Elvis is still the most.

Finally, it caught up with the Wings as Gordie Howe got older and they went through one of the longest droughts in NHL history. When Norris bought the team he told Adams he had one year to produce a solid team. Adams never had a contract but under his bold leadership, he led the Red Wings to 12 first-place finishes and seven Stanley Cups in his 35 years on the job. Part of the Olympia Stadium lobby - Sep.

The 60's and 70s saw a host of events and new rock acts perform at the Olympia. The Beatles made their first appearance there with two shows on September 6, Ticket courtesy Unique Beatles Rarities. The Beatles performing at The Olympia - Sep. The Beatles at a press conference backstage between shows - Sep. It was the 14th stop of their North American Tour. The Motor City was the place of origin for the music the Beatles had professed to love in almost every interview and press conference -- The Detroit Sound, and the recording artists of the Tamla-Motown label.

The press conference was held backstage at the Olympia between the two performances. Beatles fans at The Olympia - Aug. John Lennon at The Olympia - Aug. By the time of their next, and last, appearance at the Olympia in August of , bleacher seating capacity had been increased to 13, A little over 2 weeks later, the Beatles would perform their final tour date in San Francisco at Candlestick park on August 29th. After confining themselves primarily to the studio for the next few years, they broke up officially in Eric Clapton with Cream at the Olympia - Oct.

Weschler courtesy Don Green. Elvis also returned to the Olympia five more times in the 70s with the TCB band. Even then, except for only two seasons, the fans supported the team and the building. In , with the team way under. Olympia Stadium had become the smallest arena in the National Hockey League.

Remembering Detroit's Olympia Stadium, Michigan (Images of America Series)

After considering moving to Pontiac, the City of Detroit came up with another offer the Wings couldn't refuse. They were offered control of Cobo Arena, Louis Arena and two parking structures, all at one-third the rent they would have paid in Pontiac. One February 21, the last hockey game ever was played at Olympia Stadium by the Red Wing Old Timers to commemorate the end of an era as the old red barn on Grand River was to be shut down.