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Full disclosure, we love Bobby. We also love picking on Bobby. Comedian Mike Cannon joined us in studio and got in on the fun:. Josh took the train to visit his family and got stuck sitting by a woman who loved talking! New Ozzy Osbourne for your ears! Check out the single. A caller said a man was swerving down the road with a bird. Alice in Chains is entering the video game world. But it was still a blast! Find out if Justin, Scott, Spiegel or. The Baltimore Ravens gave the home town crowd a win on Sunday with a 23 — 17 victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

English degree here with a daughter who teaches high school French and English.

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She has found her career as a teacher to be completely rewarding and I love hearing her stories and how she problem solves and advocates for her students. I am so proud of her commitment and dedication to her students and what she has to deal with on a daily basis so many mental health issues. Your kids are amazing and you know what that means-YOU and your husband have done an amazing job raising them! Would you or Olive? I would love to have at least a little idea of how things work. Do they need to know the language already?

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What are the safety precautions you put in place? Brava, sounds like you all are on the right path.

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I am so inspired by your approach to parenting and I think you and your kids are killing it. That said, I do appreciate your honesty. Nice to know I am not alone. Another TFA alum here. I had an incredible experience and have remained a teacher, all thanks to my experience with TFA. I long for the days when we could have a meaningful, fact-based discussion about the needs of urban and under-resourced students and schools, and not resort to myopically focusing on polarizing themes like charter schools and TFA.

To my mind they are being used as red herrings, as they are symptoms of the problems in our education system rather than root causes. Hey there — your kids are inspiring! I am currently looking for an au pair we live in Perth in Western Australia and tend to get a lot of applications from Europe. But none from the US. If your kids or their friends are ever looking this way there are a lot of options here.

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Great weather, on the beach, safe etc. Loved the updates on all your kids. Sounds like they are all finding their way. It is so inspiring. I can relate to questioning the parenting decisions made — and yes sometimes it keeps me up at night. Also — I thought of you when I read this. Your family is so passionate and brave. I love it.

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Will Maude consider City Year? One of my best friends did it and loved it! You of all people should be resting on your laurels, but I am really grateful you shared the doubt and anxiety, too. I often told myself when I was there that I was a bad mother for taking them away from all their friends, making them learn a new language, interrupting their school careers, only to turn around and give them a whole new set of problems re-integrating into the old life after living in London, every other place can seem BORING!

After five years had passed, I allowed myself to take that particular worry off the table.


Just reading the description what each child is doing at this moment is enough for you to sleep like a baby. Thanks for touching on your kids and youth sports. I would love for you to talk more in depth about it and the ways it impacts youth in the American culture. Our son is 14 years old, and I tried to resist this trend for as long as possible, but we find ourselves with 9 months of basketball and a summer scheduled around out of state basketball tournaments. Every morning this summer, he has two hours of practice for another sport.

This is way less than other kids we know- especially gymnastics kids, who travel across the country.

http://bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/sitios-para-conocer-gente-de-irua-oka.php You definitely made the right decision to take the kids out of gymnastics. To me it just sounds like big business. They are sad that the time that could have been better spent building family vacation memories was spent traveling to tournaments and winning awards that are only recognized by those participating and forgotten once they leave for college.

And that the money spent on 15 years of training was better spent saving for college. My kids attend a school where high level division 1 scholarships are offered very frequently. Other children were admitted to higher ranked universities for their academic achievements, but not to play their high school sport.

Firstly, at some point, college level scholarships becomes more about genetic gifts and less about how hard they train or how badly they want it. And that window is very small, somewhere between sophomore and end of junior year. That you can clearly see the talent that rises to the top, like cream, with or without the special training. One of my friends is wishing her daughter will quit Division 1 volleyball at a huge institution.

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She sadly reported that her child has no time for anything else. Yes she absolutely loves her teammates and the comradery, but her schedule consists of: Rise at 6am for physical training. Go to class. Team practice or a match travel. This is every day and her body hurts all the time this part is especially killing mom. She has no time for clubs or to join a sorority which was something she wanted to do because her coach said that Volleyball has to be her number one priority.

And of course right? Because if a team continually loses, the coach loses his job.

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Oh how interesting. We have seen so many people dump money into sports. We chose inexpensive rec. We know we do not have the genetic predisposition. I ran in high school and I worked so hard, but was slow. My friend started after me and lapped me immediately and now is the coach. We know of one girl who finally made it to do gymnastics in college.

Her life dream! Well, she got injured. Her mother was complaining about her lack of motivation to do anything.