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The caterpillar then attaches itself to a milkweed plant and transforms into a blue-green chrysalis. It takes about a month for monarchs to progress from the egg stage to adult butterfly. On Fire Island swamp milkweed Asclepias incarnata , found in wetland areas, and common milkweed Asclepias syriaca , found in coastal sandy fields, serve as host plants for monarch caterpillars. Adult monarchs feed on the nectar of milkweed flowers and other wildflowers as well. In the fall monarchs feed on a variety of wildflowers to build up energy reserves for their journey to the mountains of Central Mexico.

Important nectar sources on Fire Island include seaside goldenrod Solidago sempervirens , dogbane Apocynum spp , aster Aster spp. Explore This Park. Info Alerts Maps Calendar Reserve.

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Alerts In Effect Dismiss. Monarch Butterflies. Monarch butterflies can be found on Fire Island in large numbers during fall migration. Monarch Butterflies Fire Island National Seashore is situated along an important migratory corridor for animals including birds, insects, bats and fish.

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A monarch caterpillar on swamp milkweed Asclepias incarnata The monarchs that overwintered in Mexico will breed and lay eggs along their journey north. Monarchs on Migration Watch as monarchs fly over the dunes on Fire Island. Scientists remain unsure as to why they do this and, more importantly, how the butterflies know which trees to use because no one butterfly ever makes the migration twice.

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The forests of the El Rosario sanctuary suffered from serious de-forestation issues in the past, but with increased environmental awareness and the money generated through butterfly tourism, locals have established tree planting schemes and nurseries. Although the butterflies are the main attraction, the oyamel fir forests and the m mountains on which they grow make for wonderful hiking at any time of year.

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There is a network of trails and local guides can be found to lead you through the forests. In season there are also camionetas trucks that take tourists straight to the reserves. Stuart Butler. Butterfly tourism: amazing wildlife experiences with the monarch butterflies of Mexico.

Butterfly Beach Goa (kinda private beach)-Trail ride to Butterfly beach[PART 1(Hubli-Karwar-Goa)]

The wildebeest chasing the rains across the African plains. Birds heading for warmer climes in winter. Whales swimming across oceans.

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