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Saint Nicholas was drawn throughout history in various forms: thin, intellectual and even frightening. G oose, boar and peacock have all been popular Christmas meats over the centuries, but nowadays, turkey reigns supreme as the traditional Christmas Day meal in the UK. The introduction of refrigerators in the s brought the dish into the mainstream and onto dining tables around the country. H owever turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets are not the norm for the rest of the world; most countries have different classic Christmas meals.

The pies were initially made of meat, usually mutton, and influenced by crusaders who came back from the Middle East with spices.

The Definitive History of Santa Claus

Samuel Pepys wrote about them, but in his time they were much more savoury than we are used to now. In the 18th century the pies became sweeter, with the import of sugar from slave plantations in the West Indies. Christmas pudding, sometimes known as figgy pudding, originates from the 14th century. I n , it became a festive dessert, but in , it was banned by the Puritans. The first handmade, wooden Advent calendar was created in , and by the early 20th century, the first printed Advent calendars had been created.

One legend has it that the British upper classes gave tradespeople and servants boxes of food and fruit as a seasonal tip.

Others believe that boxes full of alms to give to the needy were left in churches over the Christmas period, and on Boxing Day these were collected and distributed. Its original usage was far from romantic: the parasitic plant was viewed by ancient cultures as a cure for ailments such as menstrual cramps and spleen disorders. Eating the berries actually causes vomiting and stomach pain because they contain toxic substances.

Druids viewed it as a symbol of life as it grew even during the winter. In Norse mythology mistletoe has connotations of love and friendship. It is unclear exactly where the link between Christmas and mistletoe arose, however. By the 18th century the practice of hanging mistletoe at Christmas began in Britain.

It was bad luck if you refused to kiss someone under the mistletoe. C harles Dickens described in the Pickwick Papers how young women "screamed and struggled, and ran into corners, and did everything but leave the room, until … they all at once found it useless to resist any longer and submitted to be kissed with a good grace. The poem described Santa as a dwarfish "jolly old elf," dressed in red furs who goes down chimneys to give children their gifts. Clement's account was so vivid and compelling that it became the standard. In the early days Haddon called upon his friend, retired salesman Lou Prentiss, to act as a live model on which he based his images.

'The True Story of Santa Claus'

When Lou passed away Sundblom used himself as a model and painted while looking into a mirror. One year, Santa's large belt was backwards perhaps because Haddon was painting via a mirror. Another year Santa Claus appeared without a wedding ring causing fans to write asking what happened to Mrs Claus.

There has been little change to the popular representation of Santa Claus since the s. Sure, he may wear board shorts on Aussie Christmas cards but he still rocks a beard. Great stories will always have a life of their own. Let us not forget this important component of the story of Santa Claus. Copy the following code and paste it into your website's code to display this article on your site.

What happened to give us the Bible we have today? What is its history? Why do we celebrate Christmas like we do?

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Where did we get these holiday traditions? Valentine's Day is more than roses, candy, and candlelight dinners. Take a look here. Find out more here. Is the Bible a guide for life?

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What do others think about the Bible? We asked what others around the world think about Jesus. Christianity claims to be the only way to God. Isn't that extremely narrow and intolerant? Is the search for ecstasy and fulfillment really a search for something greater in life? Alan Hirsch discusses the pursuit of purpose.

Christmas traditions: Advent calendars, mince pies and the story of Santa Claus

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Santa Claus Stories

Just who is this jolly old man? His eyes-how they twinkled! His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry! His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow, And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow. A Visit from St. Nicholas 1 In the West, legend has it that every year on the night of December 24, a jolly white-bearded man swoops down from his workshop at the North Pole to deliver presents to all the children who have been good that year.

What is the history behind this jovial man who embodies the spirit of gift-giving and charity? Saint Nicholas Perhaps unsurprisingly, the history of Santa Claus involves a mishmash of mythological and historical figures. Father Christmas In England, the character Father Christmas further influenced the development of the figure we now know as Santa Claus.

Evolution of Santa Claus - History

Holiday Cheer Despite the differences between all these characters, the true spirit of Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Father Christmas, the Christkind, and Santa Claus is one of generosity and goodwill toward all. Caitlin R.

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